Spa Pedicures & Diabetics

We have added Spa Pedicures for those clients wanting to be able to soak in a warm bath.
We would like for you to know that if you are Diabetic then this is not the pedicure for you.
Please, understand and know that Hello Gorgeous wants your business. Our 1st priority is to protect the public even when the public is not aware of what it is they need to be protected from.
There are always going to be different types of salon in the beauty industry. BUT MY SALON Hello Gorgeous is dedicated to helping our clients to be GORGEOUS and Healthy.

Diabetics and Pedicures….
1. Should never soak in Foot baths.
2. You should have someone you trust to check your feet.
3. Skin needs to be smooth.
5. NO hard massage should be done.
6. Toe nails should be short and well manicured
7. Moisturize your Skin Daily
8. If you don’t take care of your Feet; Your feet can’t take care of you! (Amy ism)