Artificial Nails


Hello Gorgeous offers Artificial Nail Services. Hello Gorgeous/I do not fill-in enhancements that I have not applied! This is due to chemicals not mixing well and to protect the integrity of my professional products.

Schedule a soak off of current product to remove nails safely and to have proper conditioning before a new set of enhancements are applied.

Book your First appointment online & arrive 10 mins early.

ACRYLIC- GEL- Fiberglass

Full Set of Artificial Nails

Full Set – choice of Acrylic, Gel, Dip or Fiberglass. Includes 1 color of your choice. Regular set comes with Short, Square/Round Nails. (short is just at the tip or slightly over the end of your finger) Choose Service Correctly, time does matter. 9 Options

Fill In

Includes Shortening (if needed) nail length, re-shaping nails after shortening, one nail color of your choice. This is short square or round nails only.

10 Options More Info

Nail Art

Regular Nail Art on 2 nails, Simple one color or glitter. Nail art is any thing that isn’t just plain one color polish. Glitter, Hombre, Foil, Chrome, French aka-Painting tips only, a 2nd color, a 3rd color, etc.

Repair or Replace a Nail

Repair or Replace 1 nail. 15 minutes this is a single appointment not during a fill. If you need this service during a fill-in appointment choose correctly .