Manicures & Pedicures

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Mini-Mani & Pedi-$35 for 30 minutes

A Mini Mani and Pedi, Just a quick freshen up or a quick polish change. File nails, change polish and moisturizing.

  • HG Manicure-$20 for 30 minutes

    Polish removal, file, cuticle pushed back, buff and 1 polish of choice. *Prices do not include designs Add-On services if you want designs, Repairs or Gel Polish.
  • Gel Polish Manicure-$35 for 30 minutes

    *Price does not include designs Add-On services if you want designs, Repairs or Mood Gel Polish. If soaking off current gel polish you need to book Gel Polish Soak Off with this service.
  • Gel Polish Soak Off-$15 for 15 minutes

    Book this with Gel Polish Mani appointment if you have gel polish that needs to be removed. This may take extra time and product.
  • Add- IBX Nail Repair-$10 for 15 minutes

    This is a natural nail repair system that can be added to any manicure service or just with gel polish. Add Nail Protection to help nails have extra protection; wear gel polish without worry!
  • Add- Nail Protection-$20 for 15 minutes

    Book this with any Gel Manicure to protect your natural nails. Will Prevent any damage to your natural nails.
  • Add- Freehand designs-$5+

    2 short nails- details and colors determine the total
  • Add Gel Mood Polish-$20 for 15 minutes

    • Spa Pedicure-$45 for 75 minutes

      We will begin smoothing dry rough skin and calluses. Soak in a warm bath; polish removal, clip, file & buff nails, cuticle pushed back & removed, custom scrub, massage, and polish of choice. Gel Polish, Designs & Crystals (extra)- “Add On Services”
    • Dry Pedicure-$35 for 60 minutes

      Polish removal, clip& file and buff nails, cuticle removed, foot buff, massage, and polish of choice. *Diabetic clients can only have this type of pedicure. You CAN NOT Soak!
    • Barefoot Toenail-$105

      Reconstruction; 1 big toenail & mykosept (used on the reconstructed nail to guard against external influences.) If this is your 1st visit you MUST also book 1 of the following: Dry Pedi or Spa Pedi. A 2nd Big Toe is $80. Maintenance needed 2-3 months
    • Barefoot Toe Nail Repair-$70

      This will give your nails the temporary fix you need to let them look great.  Best when you have broken a portion of your nail or the nail is very uneven on the surface.
    • Barefoot Toenail Maintenance-$45

      If you’ve had a toenail reconstructed and it has grown out then it might be time for maintenance! This service includes maintaining one of your prosthetic toe nails. It does NOT include a pedicure. Book a 2nd appt. if you are doing both big toes.
    • 1 Nail Brace-$100

      This is a service to correct ingrown and inverted nails. Relieves pain of toenail instantly. Can be worn for 3-6 months b4 replacing. (depends on client) This is Per Nail Price & Service.
    • Add- Gel Polish on Toes-$20+

      This is one color gel Polish on toes. Each additional color is $5.
    • Add Mood Gel Polish-$25 for 15 minutes

    • 10 Mins Reflexology-$15.00 and up
      You can choose Hands, or Feet.
    • 15 Mins Reflexology-$20.00 and up
      You can choose Hands, or  Feet.
    • 30 Mins Reflexology-$40.00 and up
      You can choose Hands, or  Feet. Please arrive 15 mins early to fill out paperwork.