Manicures & Pedicures

Polish removal, file, cuticle pushed back, buff and 1 polish color of choice. 6 Options

See Salon Policies on booking and cancelling appointments.

Polish Nails

Would you Just like your nails Polished? This is for you. Please come in with fresh nails to be polished. If I am asked to file, shorten, buff, shape up or work on your cuticles, you need to book a Manicure or Pedicure. This service is for Polishing Only.


Warm Mask Pedicure Your Legs will be smothered with a moisturizing mask treatment, then wrapped in warm towels while your feet are exfoliated. Your toe nails will be trimmed and shaped; and then cleaning legs and feet with a moist hot towel before your polish is applied. This is a Dry Pedicure. Diabetic Clients can enjoy this service. 4 Options

Dry Pedicure Polish removal, clip, file and buff nails. File and Smooth rough & callused places on feet, light massage, and polish of choice. *Diabetic clients can only have this type of pedicure. You CAN NOT Soak! Ingrown Nails, Inverted Nails are additional work and require additional time. Book appropriately. 2 Options

Spa Pedicure We will begin smoothing dry rough skin and calluses. Soak in a warm bath; polish removal, clip, file & buff nails, cuticle pushed back & removed, custom scrub, massage, and polish of choice. 3 Options