Salon Policies

Hello Gorgeous Nails Policies.

This is a business, and I appreciate you patronizing my business.  Due to past experiences and to be fair to each guest I have implemented the following policies.

#1- Arrive 5 to 10 minutes early for all appointments.

Cancellation Policy

Cancel at least 24 hours or more. Otherwise you will be charged:

  • 50% if you cancel/ rescheduling within the 24 hr of your appointment.
  • 100% for no shows.  Invoice will be emailed/texted to you.
  • Calling at the last minute for any reason is a NO SHOW.
  • Cancellation payments not made within 24 hrs. of receipt of invoice will result in all standing appointments being deleted and any future appointments will be paid in advance when requesting an appointment time.

LATE Appointments

One person can ruin everyone’s schedule. Be early to avoid any embarrassment on either of our parts.

  1. Call if you think or you are running late. (1-5 minutes after is late)
  2. If you are late, your services still ends at the same time.
  3. Price is the same regardless of adjustments in service because you were late.
  4. If you choose to reschedule your appointment at the last minute because you are late, is the same as a NO SHOW and full price of service is due at the time of rescheduling.
  5. I will send an invoice for the scheduled service to anyone that no shows or reschedules appointments.


NO CHILDREN OR PETS AT YOUR APPOINTMENTS! Our Equipment and chemicals are not child friendly.  They are also a distraction for staff and other clients trying to relax while in the salon.

If you bring a child with you, we will have to reschedule your appointment.  Rescheduling your appointment at the last minute because you brought a child, is the same as a NO SHOW and full price of service is due at the time of rescheduling.


I offer Artificial Nail Services and do not fill-in enhancements that I have not applied.

Schedule a removal of current product to remove the products safely and to have proper conditioning before a new set of enhancements are applied.

Booking your Appointments

You can book online or call 803-571-1949 to book your first appointment. New Clients will need to book online for your first appointment.

Facebook, Instagram, Texts will not be acceptable ways to book, you may contact us to ask questions.   Being able to speak to you directly, asking relevant questions and making sure to book the correct service for you is important.

Be prepared with Your Name, Cell Number and Email address.


You may pay with Cash, Debit or Credit cards.  NO CHECKS!


  • Policies are subject to change w/o notice as needed by the Owner.
  • Hello Gorgeous has the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.
  • Hello Gorgeous works hard to provide services to all clients and expects all of our clients to be respectful in all manners.
  • Gift Certificates– DO expire, please make sure you use them before the expiration date.  We are not able to extend the dates for any reason.  G.C. are NOT REFUNDABLE but they are TRANSFERABLE for services only, not between people. G.C. are only good for the person they have been purchased for; they are not TRANSFERABLE to anyone else.
  • All Payments are Non-Refundable.