Single & Add On Services


  • Paraffin-$10

    Dip your hands in warm moisture. The heat opens the pours of your skin so you are able to absorb more moisture than just applying lotion.

  • Soak Off Nails-$20

    Soak off nails This time is to soak off nails only. Does not include manicure or new set of Nails. Book an additional appointment for a mani, Full Set as a Separate Appointment in addition to soaking off if wanting nails to look great when you leave.

  • Polish Change (fingers)-$10

    Polish of choice. NO CRYSTALS. Please book a separate appointment (under “Add On”)

  • Polish Change (Toes)-$15

    Polish Only Designs, Crystals & Gel Polish is “Add On Services” you must book additional appointment

  • Gel Mood Polish-$30

  • Gel polish (Fingers)-$20

    This is just polishing, no other services. One color, each additional color is $5 per color.

  • Replace 1 Nail-$8